Sisters On The Streets (SOTS) began providing hygiene kits and resources to those experiencing homelessness in the San Fernando Valley.  As word spread that we were collecting and distributing period supplies, agencies from across Los Angeles County started to reach out to obtain these products.  As of 2022 SOTS provides more than 80 agencies with free period supplies. In 2021 SOTS started supplying high schools with products.  SOTS has collected and distributed over 420,000 period products thanks to charitable donations.


Outreach day

SOTS joins North Valley Caring Services in a partnership to bring hygiene kits and meals to families living in motels and on the streets. If you would like to join us for outreach please email us!

Homeless Connect Days

We participate in Homeless Connect Day every month in which donations are collected and distributed to those in need. Free clothes and basic hygiene products are provided as a way to connected with the community. Homeless Connect days are on hold until further notice due to COVID, but donations are still being collected.


If you want to assist people who menstruate by donating or volunteering for our outreach days, please contact us!