Letter from the Founder

       For far too long, students who menstruate have had to rely on their households for period products, a decision determining if they can attend school.  Until now.  Thanks to *AB367 The Menstrual Equity Act of 2021, a California state mandate that requires all public schools serving grades 6-12 to supply free period supplies directly in the restrooms.

But this is not new.  A similar bill, *AB10, was passed in 2017 and we saw the lack of implementation.  

Sisters On The Streets created a survey to collect data on how the information moves down the chain to the people they are meant to support.

Did you receive guidance?  Do you have these products in your school?  If you answered yes, great! Let us know how it went!  If you answered no, then let us help you to get these products to you.

No one should have to miss school or bleed through their pants because of the lack of access to these basic necessities.

We created this survey for faculty of public schools in Los Angeles County to submit.  If you are not in Los Angeles County, please reach out to your City/County/State representative to contact us!

Welcome to the movement!

Laura Rathbone